Experiencing hiccups?

Well, someone is probably missing you:p

That is what most of us have heard from our folks. But guess what, there’s more to it – the actual science behind it!

Hiccups are actually burst of increase inspiratory(inhaling) activity of muscles involved in inhalation. It is due to irritation of nerve pathway from brain to these muscles. It is usually of short-lived but maybe of significant importance if it persists too long.

CAUSES: Eating too much or too quickly, irritation in stomach or throat, or feeling nervous or excited.

REMEDIES: You have probably heard and tried many methods to get rid of hiccups – holding breath and counting till 10 is the best method. Putting sugar under your tongue might work too. And maybe the most famous remedy – having someone jump and scaring the shit out of you helps some people to goodbye their hiccups too!

Soooo “HIC”.. Oops!

Thank you.


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