Hey..So here’s a post to all the wonderful and amazing MOMS in the world..


Just a question.

  • Why is mother’s milk so important to baby?

Mother’s milk not only contains nutrients which are required for the normal development of baby but it also contains antibodies(umm..lets say they are body’s shield to all the infection entering the body) which protects the baby’s immunity.

Immunity is the ability of the body to defense itself from invading microbes (basically a defense system)

Mother’s first milk which is called colostrum is very rich in antibodies especially IgA and IgG (these are types of antibodies).

Antibodies from mother’s milk interact with the immune system of the newborn to help shape lifelong immune responses of the baby.

  • How long should a mother breastfeed?

Ideally, a mother should only breastfeed for 6 months after which she can breastfeed with some liquid diets as after 6 months, breastfeeding alone doesn’t provide the necessary nutrients to the baby. Practically, a mother can continue breastfeeding for as long as she wants to. It is very good for the I.Q of the baby as it increases it by an average of 7 points.So, it is very beneficial for the baby in every way.

Lastly, all the Kids-Be Thankful To Your Moms.

P.S: MUMMA, Thank you for all the pains that you experienced because of me , for all the nurturing that helped me into who i am, for all the scoldings that i deserved, for all the guidance that you gave, for all the unconditional love that you offered. LOVE YOU TILL ETERNITY.


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